Our Liquid Aseptic packaging Cartons are made of the best renewable natural recourse-wood fiber. The paper board made of this kind of fibber has enough strength to make the packing extremely stable. Our cartons have been approved by “CFTRI”(Mysore, Karnataka).

The paper board suppliers are maintaining strict production management and environmental protection standards in their factories and woodlands are in strict accordance & stipulations with respect to ecological protection, development and utilization of forest resources. The ultra-thin Aluminum foil and PE layer of the packing material effectively blocks any influence of light ,dampness, oxygen and other bad factors from the outside to ensure product quality and safety at all stages from being produced to being consumed.

Compared with other packing forms like Glass Bottles, PET Bottles, our cartons provide optimized combination of their packing forms to achieve unmatched distribution efficiency during transportation and storage.

Various optional packing specifications and shapes can help you personalize your products & effectively position your product in the market. Considering the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission, compared with other optional packing forms, the Aseptic Liquids packing cartons has its prominent advantages with respect to its production process.

The high quality multi-layer laminated packing material that we supply is an indispensable part of the Aseptic Filling Equipment and also an impartment factor to ensure product quality after Aseptic Filling. Through special design ,the multi –layer laminated structure effectively provides protective barrier for the products after filling integrity of packing structure and best sealing effect, so as to obtain a long shelf life of the packed products.

All design of Aseptic Packing Materials are subjected to environment friendly Flexo/Gravure printing of high definition and only the safe and reliable food grade ink is used.

Layered Aseptic pack Carton Details:

  • Inner PE Layer: it forms a bag and holds the product within.
  • Adhesion Layer : it effectively bond the inner PE layer with the Aluminum foil
  • Aluminum foil Layer: it blocks light, air & pollution from outside to ensure freshness of the product.
  • PE Layer: it acts as a bond between the Aluminum foil & the paper board.
  • Paper Layer: it provides stable packing strength & shape to the carton.
  • Printing Layer: it displays product images for a high vision impact.
  • Outer PE Layer: its prevents carton from dampness & pollution.